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Elite Rooter San Diego – Roofing Contractor in San Diego, California

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About Elite Rooter San Diego

Your house is one of the most important things that influence on the comfort of your living. Sometimes there may be some problems with your roof – it may need some repair works, or you may need to install a new one. In such cases, you need a professional roofer. There are plenty of roofing contractors near you, but you don’t know what roofing company to choose. This page contains complete information of the following roofing company – Elite Rooter San Diego in San Diego, California. You may walk through all the data, and this can help you to make a choice. This page contains all contact information of Elite Rooter San Diego in San Diego, California. It includes all phone numbers, addresses, some photos, and map placement of all departments in your city. Also, you can read the latest reviews and testimonials on Elite Rooter San Diego in San Diego, California. If you don’t like or don’t want to contact Elite Rooter San Diego to solve your roofing needs, just fill a simple form on our website. Our matching service will help you find great roofers near your place, we work only with trusted roofing companies, cause your satisfaction is our priority #1! Just enter your ZIP code and wait for a solution!

Elite Rooter San Diego Working Hours & Phone & Addresses

Elite Rooter San Diego in San Diego, CaliforniaAddress:4142 Adams Ave Suite 103-631, San Diego, CA 92116, United States
Department's Webpage:
Working Hours:Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7am-7pm
Tuesday: 7am-7pm
Wednesday: 7am-7pm
Thursday: 7am-7pm
Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 7am-5pm
Latest Testimonials
As often happens, a small isolated issue in our basement that had been getting worse over time, uncovered significant issues of a sewer system that dates back to the 1920's root damage and invasion within drain line, failing cast iron, poorly installed upgrades over time, and accumulation of debris that was restricting the line. The Elite team provided a complete strategy to address all issues, and also provided visual verification through their camera technology to every foot of the line that needed to be root cleared, cleaned, and upgraded. They were able to reline the entire system - exceeding 150 feet of pipe lining - with a special inner sleeve coupled with epoxy. Every inch of exterior sewage line was successfully lined despite many challenges within the drain plan. There was minimal digging and a large savings through the avoidance of tearing up the yard, especially when some areas had line buried 10-12 feet deep. Lastly, the team confirmed every part of the finished repair through direct camera visualization. We are very pleased with the result! Bobbie drove the project with great communication and was there every day, all day. Ruben was an absolute work horse who eagerly took on every new challenge. Gill was the master of prepping and shooting the new line. Despite the challenges caused by so many years of sewer modifications, he found a way to line every section with new lining. They all were a pleasure to have on the project. An Elite team indeed!
brian coffee
I called elite rooter at 10:03 and was told there would be a plumber here between 11-12. Travis called at 11:05 and was here a few minutes later. Devin Also showed up minutes later. I thought this was very responsive and punctual. I told them what was happening and they explained to me what they thought the issue was and how they were going to find and fix the issue. Then they went to work. They were very professional and respectful of my property as they worked. After unclogging my main line they showed me video, which is FREE with Elite, and all the issues, roots and decaying cast iron pipes, I have. They walked me through the plumbing of almost the whole house. My clog is fixed and we can use the plumbing but They talked to me about being proactive to save money instead of being reactive which would cost more. They just left and will write me up a proposal. For 2 hours of work they kept their promise and only charged me 79 like the google ad stated. Their value and quality of work is outstanding. I highly recommend them and will to my neighbors.
Diane Robertson
This was a much bigger job than I had anticipated, but Kristian explained it thoroughly, so it wasn't as shocking as it could have been. I want to express my sincere thanks to and deep respect for Robert, Jose, and the other workmen on this job. They were knowledgeable, courteous, patient with my anxieties, very professional, unbelievably hard-working, painstaking, cheerful, and always on-time. They respectfully explained every step to me, kept the work area neat and tidy, and left it looking even better than they found it, even with the great big scar right in the middle of my patio! They couldn't possibly be paid enough for the difficult, demanding, and strenuous work they do. They are a credit to your company and to themselves.

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