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Leo’s Sewer & Drain Inc. – Roofing Contractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Leo's Sewer & Drain Inc. Ratings

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About Leo's Sewer & Drain Inc.

Your house is one of the most important things that influence on the comfort of your living. Sometimes there may be some problems with your roof – it may need some repair works, or you may need to install a new one. In such cases, you need a professional roofer. There are plenty of roofing contractors near you, but you don’t know what roofing company to choose. This page contains complete information of the following roofing company – Leo’s Sewer & Drain Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You may walk through all the data, and this can help you to make a choice. This page contains all contact information of Leo’s Sewer & Drain Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It includes all phone numbers, addresses, some photos, and map placement of all departments in your city. Also, you can read the latest reviews and testimonials on Leo’s Sewer & Drain Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you don’t like or don’t want to contact Leo’s Sewer & Drain Inc. to solve your roofing needs, just fill a simple form on our website. Our matching service will help you find great roofers near your place, we work only with trusted roofing companies, cause your satisfaction is our priority #1! Just enter your ZIP code and wait for a solution!

Leo's Sewer & Drain Inc. Working Hours & Phone & Addresses

LeoAddress:315 Delaware Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, United States
Department's Webpage:
Working Hours:Sunday: 7am-10pm
Monday: 7am-10pm
Tuesday: 7am-10pm
Wednesday: 7am-10pm
Thursday: 7am-10pm
Friday: 7am-10pm
Saturday: 7am-10pm
Latest Testimonials
Nicholas Craven
Leo's came out and spray-painted actual spray paint in my driveway without my permission. They refused to come and fix their mistake tried to pass me off to another vendor although that vendor is not the one who spray-painted all over my property. When I received a call back from Dave he basically tried to pass the buck and tell me his company was not liable although they are the ones that came out and committed the crime. Basically told me I should go f myself and told me to call another company. Thinking about filing a police report on them. Disappointment completely unprofessional.
Bill Bailey
I hope you have better luck with this company than I had. I had a drain line backup Sunday morning so I called Leo's at my daughter's suggestion. They said they'd be out later in the afternoon. To their credit they did call about 5 pm and said they were running behind but still planning to come. I suggested they wait until the next day. She said, "Great. Do you prefer morning or afternoon?" I said morning. At 11 am I called and they said they should be there by noon. At 2 pm I had still not heard from them so I cancelled and went elsewhere.

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