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Best Choice Roofing – Roofing Contractor in Tampa, Florida

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About Best Choice Roofing

Your house is one of the most important things that influence on the comfort of your living. Sometimes there may be some problems with your roof – it may need some repair works, or you may need to install a new one. In such cases, you need a professional roofer. There are plenty of roofing contractors near you, but you don’t know what roofing company to choose. This page contains complete information of the following roofing company – Best Choice Roofing in Tampa, Florida. You may walk through all the data, and this can help you to make a choice. This page contains all contact information of Best Choice Roofing in Tampa, Florida. It includes all phone numbers, addresses, some photos, and map placement of all departments in your city. Also, you can read the latest reviews and testimonials on Best Choice Roofing in Tampa, Florida. If you don’t like or don’t want to contact Best Choice Roofing to solve your roofing needs, just fill a simple form on our website. Our matching service will help you find great roofers near your place, we work only with trusted roofing companies, cause your satisfaction is our priority #1! Just enter your ZIP code and wait for a solution!

Best Choice Roofing Working Hours & Phone & Addresses

Best Choice Roofing in Tampa, FloridaAddress:3102 Cherry Palm Dr 100, Tampa, FL 33619, United States
Department's Webpage:
Working Hours:Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: Closed
Latest Testimonials
Martin Frick
I am very satisfied. Bing convinced me to proceed with an insurance claim, I am not a professional on knowing what justifies a claim, he is. I blew him off for a time and then decided to proceed. He got it done, and now I have a new roof that increases the chances that the insurance company does not have to justify high home insurance rates because I had a damaged roof. Bing came through, he was honest and he is one of the HARDEST WORKING persons I have ever met. i have no major complaints except a few minor ones. The trailer that they put the old roof debris in was not picked up in my driveway but after one week I called their office and it was picked up, I'm OK with that. Second, I asked the workers if there would be any left over new shingles that I could have and they said yes. After the job was done, I jumped in the debris tailor and found brand new wrapped up packages of shingles.....certainly ones that I can use in the future if needed, so I kept them, I paid for them anyways. Not too big a deal either, I'm just saying. Despite these few minor negative comments, I HIGHLY recommend BCR and I would have them do another roof for me in the future, that is if Bing is involved.

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