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Hartman Roofing Inc – Roofing Contractor in Amarillo, Texas

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About Hartman Roofing Inc

Your house is one of the most important things that influence on the comfort of your living. Sometimes there may be some problems with your roof – it may need some repair works, or you may need to install a new one. In such cases, you need a professional roofer. There are plenty of roofing contractors near you, but you don’t know what roofing company to choose. This page contains complete information of the following roofing company – Hartman Roofing Inc in Amarillo, Texas. You may walk through all the data, and this can help you to make a choice. This page contains all contact information of Hartman Roofing Inc in Amarillo, Texas. It includes all phone numbers, addresses, some photos, and map placement of all departments in your city. Also, you can read the latest reviews and testimonials on Hartman Roofing Inc in Amarillo, Texas. If you don’t like or don’t want to contact Hartman Roofing Inc to solve your roofing needs, just fill a simple form on our website. Our matching service will help you find great roofers near your place, we work only with trusted roofing companies, cause your satisfaction is our priority #1! Just enter your ZIP code and wait for a solution!

Hartman Roofing Inc Working Hours & Phone & Addresses

Hartman Roofing Inc in Amarillo, TexasAddress:10206 S Georgia St, Amarillo, TX 79118, United States
Department's Webpage:
Working Hours:Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: Closed
Latest Testimonials
Martin Ka
They are honest and reliable. Fair pricing and they work with the insurance company.
Shirley Harvey
I am giving one star only because I am happy with the metal trim that was put on our house and happy with the man & his wife that assisted him with the installation. Now to the bad. We ordered windows. They didn't order the right windows and it wasn't caught until the first window in the house was already taken out. I must emphasize how important it is to make sure you have a legible copy of the contract. All we got was a copy of the estimate sheet. Jason was the one that gave the estimate & ordered the windows. The regular installer was running behind so Jason also came to install the windows. He notified someone at their office of the wrong windows. They drove from Amarillo with a “copy”of the estimate.....mind you not the original. It had the part of the estimate marked out describing the inserts in the windows. His name was Jake. Apparently he thought we were stupid because he said “ see it's marked out with the same pen”. Duh!!! It was a copy....not the original. Of course all the pen marks were black on the copy. They finally said they would reorder two correct windows. That wasn't an option as they wouldn't match. We caved since one window was already out & accepted the wrong windows. Approx 3 months later, a neighbor boy shot a B.B. gun & hit one of the windows. When I called to get a price so his dad could pay for a replacement, I was told they were guaranteed for everything except hail. They replaced the glass but casement window would never open again after they left. Two days later, the inside pane of that window cracked across the corner. Silence from them when I called to report it. A few months later, another window received a break from unknown cause. I called again. This time Jake came and measured for two replacement panes. He forced open the first window we couldn't open after the first replacement. Had to force it closed again. I waited 6 weeks before I called to check the status of the order. He actually called me back to say he forgot to order them but he'd come the same day to remeasure. He did and I told him the date we were leaving for a summer long trip. Silence again for 6 weeks. The day before we left, I called & told them we were leaving the next day & they'd have to keep the windows if they had ordered them until we returned in the fall. Jake said he had the glass in the back of his truck but had just forgot again but he could come the next day to install. We had to leave & he said call when we returned & he'd come install. When we returned, I called 3 times over 2 months and he'd never return our call. I felt sorry for the woman who answered the phone each time because she remembered but had to say “I'll give Jake the message again”. Our windows were and still are a regretted purchase. I guess the sale is all Hartman is interested in. We'll not be doing any further business with them. Our roof was the next project but we'll be using someone else.
Jeremy Fite
Hartman Roofing has installed 2 roofs for me and done an outstanding job. They have installed numerous roof's for my friends and family and have always done an outstanding job. They roofing crew did a great job at cleaning up the site and following up to make sure everything was completed to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend Hartman Roofing to anyone in the Texas Panhandle.

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